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Sensory Processing

17 Nov 2021
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Sensory Processing

What is Sensory Processing

Sensory processing is our brains ability to receive information, filter out non-useful information, process the useful information and organise a behavioural response.  When you see a ball coming towards your face, your brain recognises the ball, ignores how your shirt feels or the sound of your friend talking and tells you to put your hands up to catch it.

So what are sensory processing issues?

When there is a mismatch between our brains ability to receive information and organise an appropriate response.  Sometimes this can look like people missing information like hearing their name called.  Some people can’t sit still, struggle to maintain attention or get bored very quickly.  For some people they can be really distracted by certain stimuli.  For other people, they may overreact to certain stimuli.

Sensory issues can have a detrimental impact on our daily functioning.  They are surprisingly common in the general population.  Though they’re particularly common for those with atypical neurology such as people on the Autistic spectrum or those with attention deficits.

In extreme cases the interruption of daily functioning would attract a diagnosis of a sensory processing disorder.

How Greenhouse can help

If you think that this might apply to you or someone you know, it’s important to get help. Stop struggling and find some solutions. Get in touch and we can complete a sensory profile. Contact us

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