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Occupational Therapy and Young People

17 Nov 2021
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Occupational Therapy and Young People

Occupational Therapy: Helping you do the job of living.

Most people hear the phrase Occupational Therapy and reasonably conclude that it must be therapy for jobs. They would be correct, at least, partially. The reality is our job is far more broad. We provide therapy for every part of daily living. That is why OT’s help you do the job of living.

Perhaps to understand better, let’s define Occupation like an OT would.

What is an Occupation

Occupations are the activities we engage in each day that give our lives meaning. OTs will often ask about Occupational Roles. When they do, they are interested in the different Occupations you participate in. You might be a surfer, a partner, a son/daughter, an employee, a brother, a rock climber, a mountain biker and so on. Occupations bring us meaning. When we have many, we have a strong sense of identity and purpose.


Occupational Therapy and Young People

Adolescents is a time of rapid change and development. In a few short years you go from relying on your parents for most things, to driving a car, moving out of home, working and studying full time. This is just scratching the surface. It is a lot to learn in a short time. But what if an illness, injury or disability prevents you from reaching these milestones?

On average 1 in 4 young people are diagnosed with a mental illness each year. Take a moment to think of four young people you know. One of them this year (not including last year, the year before or even next year) will be diagnosed with a mental illness. Most mental illnesses have their onset during adolescents. They can delay and in some cases stop an individual’s growth. These young people can feel left behind, confused and lost. Without help they may not recover. Which is why early intervention and Occupational Therapy is key. To correct any dysfunction and ensure you are thriving in your Occupations.

Contact us now to arrange an assessment or find out when you can attend Youth Mental Health First Aid Training.

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