Education & Training

Education and Training

At Greenhouse, we are committed to sharing the skills we have so that more young people can be reached and helped.

Why choose Greenhouse for my company’s professional development?

Learning is a time of growth, which is why we build the safe and enjoyable learning environment that we pride ourselves on.

Greenhouse Health Hub wants to improve the quality of life for all young people. We realise though, that we can’t work with everyone. By passing on our knowledge, skills and experience to others, we may be able to reach more young people.

This is why we provide tailored educational programs for parents and members of the public, carers, support workers, GPs and other clinicians and anyone working with youth. At Greenhouse we aim to make education fun and enjoyable. We ensure you will leave with practical and easily implemented tools for success. We guarantee your training will be memorable.

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Training we can provide:

  • Youth Mental Health First Aid
  • Anxiety and trauma informed care
  • Clinical documentation, a how to guide
  • Communication in mental health
  • Crisis de-escalation training
  • Gaming and extreme behaviours: How to manage my adolescent’s addiction
  • Group work: How to develop, implement, run and evaluate groups
  • Interventions in mental health
  • Individualised placement and support
  • Medication in mental health
  • Mental State Examinations
  • Navigating neurodiversity, ASD and ADHD
  • OT assessments in mental heatlh
  • Recovery and relapse prevention planning
  • Sensory Processing and Zones of Regulation
  • Substances and how to help
  • Suicide risk assessment and formulation
  • Tailored training to meet specific learning needs
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What to expect

Learning with a difference

We provide education on a broad range of topics and it is best to make an enquiry about your learning needs. Greenhouse is dedicated to helping people develop new skills and grow. We pride ourselves on being fun and engaging.  We make content memorable and ensure excellent educational outcomes and accreditations. When creating education modules, we combine current research with years of practical fieldwork to inform our training.  This ensures the quality of our Education packages.






Keep an eye out for our online learning modules. Learning from the comfort of your own home, in your own time.


Hear what the community has to say


Here are the most common questions about assessments we get asked

What is Youth Mental Health First Aid all about?

The 14-hour Youth Mental Health First Aid course teaches any adult (18 years and over) how to provide initial support to adolescents and young adults experiencing a mental health problem or crisis. Learn about the signs and symptoms of common mental health problems in young people, how to provide initial help, where and how to get professional help, what sort of help has been shown by research to be effective, and how to provide first aid in a crisis situation.  This course is particularly suitable for parents, school staff, sports coaches, youth workers and support workers, or other people working with youth.

Do you provide training to staff outside the health sector?

Greenhouse is committed to sharing information with anyone who is willing to learn.  We regularly run training for schools as part of professional development days, we meet with groups of parents to discuss screen time and behaviours and we are happy to meet with and educate in any sector.

Do you do team building?

Greenhouse Health Hub has a wide variety of skills to draw upon when doing therapy, including surf instruction, drumming groups, hiking groups and mindfulness.  Our staff have a wealth of experience from workshop development through to large scale festival and event management. We are happy to run team building workshops and can discuss at any length general mental health tips, stress management, relaxation strategies, workplace design or just have a hell of a Christmas party.  Get in touch.


What's coming up

Nov 16 - 17, 2023 Youth Mental Health First Aid Training
Registration Closed

March 14 - 15, 2024 Youth Mental Health First Aid Training
Registration Open

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