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What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational Therapy helps you do the job of living. Occupational Therapists define occupation as the activities we complete every day that bring meaning and satisfaction to our lives. Your occupations could be school or study, employment, kayaking or hiking, hanging out with friends or gaming. Sometimes mental health or environmental barriers get in the way of participating in our occupations. Sometimes life can get tough and you need a hand. That is what the OTs at Greenhouse Health Hub are for – to lend a hand.

Who does Greenhouse work with?

As a youth mental health service, Greenhouse health hub will see anyone between the ages of 10 and 30 for Occupational Therapy services.

For Education and Training we will work with anyone and everyone in the hope of sharing our knowledge and skills further afield.

In terms of Supervision, we will work with any professional working in the health sector. We provide supervision for Occupational Therapists working in neuro and acquired brain injury, social workers at Centrelink, Support workers working for NDIS and psychologists running groups.

Are you mobile and where do you service?

We are a mobile Gold Coast based company that will travel as far North as the Coomera River, as far South as Murwillumbah and as far West as Advancetown. We are happy to meet in parks, cafes or wherever you are most comfortable if you do not wish to meet at home. We also offer Telehealth consultations as necessary.

Do you offer tailored training for workplace professional development?

We are happy to cater training to you or your business’s needs. Greenhouse will be able to develop custom made training on any mental health topic with the up to date evidence. We’ll ensure that it is delivered in the engaging and entertaining way for which Greenhouse is known.

Is there anything Greenhouse can't do?

No. We are incredible and amazing at everything (just kidding, Jerem is terrible at winning board games).  You should probably get in touch. Go to our contacts page and start the conversation.

I'm not sure if I need Supervision. What is it for?

Greenhouse Health Hub provide supervision as a space to stop, slow down, reflect and consider and pose questions to enable your own growth.  Supervision allows you to learn new skills and tools, consider other ways of doing things when things didn’t go to plan, and allows a necessary space for confidential venting.  It will dramatically improve your job satisfaction and well-being.