What is an occupational therapy assessment?

The Occupational Therapists at Greenhouse Health Hub complete high quality functional capacity assessments in your home.

What is an Occupation Therapy (OT) assessment?

Greenhouse has an exceptional reputation for producing easily understood reports and providing realistic recommendations. Functional capacity assessments are important to determine someone’s strengths, and any dysfunction in day to day living. They provide recommendations for individuals to grow toward their independence, and can specifically outline what support is required through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Our mobile OTs can also provide more focused cognitive or sensory assessments, to see what impact these have on day to day functioning and to assist with diagnostic clarification. Whether it be for an NDIS Access Request Form, an overdue increase in NDIS funding, or needing to learn where a task is breaking down, Greenhouse has you covered.

Some of the assessments we do:

  • Functional capacity assessments for NDIS
  • Telehealth
  • Living skills assessments
  • Sensory processing assessments
  • Cognitive assessments
  • Mental health assessments
  • Suicide risk and other risk assessments
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What to expect

Functional Capacity Assessment

A functional capacity assessment involves completing a battery of assessment tools to determine an individual’s level of functioning in day to day living.  This includes basic and instrumental activities of daily living.  At Greenhouse we respect that every individual is different and so too are the assessments we do.  However, most assessments will include a detailed interview and observation of daily living tasks completed in the home, work or other suitable environment.  There will be a mix of standardised, semi structured and non-standardised assessments based on the presenting issues.  Timing can range, though they usually take a minimum of 3 hours.

Living Skills Assessment

A functional capacity assessment uses a battery of tools to determine global functioning.  A Living Skills assessment targets only one or two activities of daily living.  Money management, behaviour management or cooking would be examples of a targeted assessment.  These assessments are useful to assist in recovery planning and to identify the barriers in place preventing people from thriving in these areas.  It allows for targeted and tailored intervention to ensure that people either develop independence or have the necessary supports put in place.

Sensory Processing Assessment

A sensory processing issue is when there is a mismatch between incoming stimuli and the resulting behavioural response.  People may appear to over react to certain stimuli and may appear not to even register other stimuli.  Sensory processing issues can effect our mobility, communication, socialising, learning, as well as engagement in self-care and self-maintenance tasks.  A sensory processing assessment helps determine whether sensory processing issues are having an impact on daily functioning.  This then assists in tailoring interventions to improve daily functioning.

Mental Health Assessment

A mental health assessment is a broad reaching assessment investigating all areas of mental health and its impact on functioning.  These assessments include a formulation which are hypotheses that need testing but often help explain why things are how they are, and therefore, how we can start to make desired changes.


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Here are the most common questions about assessments we get asked

What does a functional capacity assessment involve?

There are many different types of assessment an Occupational Therapist might do depending on your specific presentation and needs. Usually though, the overall goal is to determine how an individual is functioning in the activities that are meaningful to them in the environments that they do them in. At Greenhouse we will always complete a comprehensive interview finding out more about you and what you need/want to do. We will want to observe you completing some every day tasks like making a snack or cleaning your room, to get a feel for what is going right, or what could be improved. Sometimes we will do specific assessments around your cognition, sensory processing, behaviours or other specific areas of functioning to better inform our recommendations. The whole process can take between 3-5 hours and then the report usually takes between 3-4 hours to write.

How much does an assessment cost?

Assessments and their accompanying reports are billed at an hourly rate. The assessment and report can take between 2-8 hours to complete depending on the complexity of the case, and the type of assessment. Because every person is unique, so too is their assessment and report.

Am I involved in decisions about what is recommended?

At Greenhouse we pride ourselves on being client-centred practitioners. That is why, at every step along your recovery journey, you’ll be in charge. Recommendations are empty if you do not understand or agree with them. Therapy can be challenging, but we’ll ensure that it is the “just right” challenge for you and where you are at.


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