Supervision & Mentoring

Supervision and Mentoring

Greenhouse is dedicated to providing the most practical, healing and enjoyable supervision and mentoring.

Director of Greenhouse Health Hub and occupational therapist, Jerem Clifford, is an established supervisor in the Gold Coast Health Service District. He has assisted many health professionals and students to reach their professional goals through the use of humour, adult learning principles and his extensive supervision training and experience. Jerem will create the perfect environment to grow, providing encouragement as well as providing a safe haven for vulnerability.  He will provide challenge and safety in equal measure. His skills in mental health lend themselves to providing an empathic and thoughtful approach to supervision.  He also provides mentoring for existing student or staff supervisors to facilitate their ongoing development in the clinical education and supervisory skills unique to mental health settings.

Supervision helps

  • Enhance well-being and reduce burnout
  • Encourage emotional processing and personal growth
  • Strengthen personal coping strategies
  • Boost morale and job satisfaction
  • Develop a clearer sense of direction and set career goals
  • Reflect on your clinical practice and provide space for problem solving
  • Improve your skills in your chosen field
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Nov 16 - 17, 2023 Youth Mental Health First Aid Training
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March 14 - 15, 2024 Youth Mental Health First Aid Training
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